Forming and Supporting Deacons to Serve in the Lutheran Church

Order of St Stephen, Deacon
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We are called to serve Christ by helping to serve the people.

About Us

Archdeacon: Doug Wittich, OSSD

Doug Wittich serves as an OSSD deacon at Epiphany Lutheran Church, Baltimore MD.  He began his OSSD training in 2008, and was set apart in 2011.

Secretary: Robin Schaefer, OSSD

Robin Schaefer served as an OSSD deacon at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Lansdowne, MD, where she is also the organist.  Robin completed the training program and was set apart in 2011. She is also currently the Treasurer until the position is filled, having served the Order as Treasurer previously for four terms.


The position of Treasurer is currently vacant.

Spiritual Director: Gail Wilson, OSSD

Gail Wilson is currently working on her doctorate in Holistic Theology. She served the order as Treasurer, and was then elected to four consecutive terms (2009-2017) as Archdeacon of the order.